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Guru Intervention

Got a bad guru? Who ya gonna call? Chavah Aima helps you get your power back. She can share powerful profiles on how she has counseled spiritual seekers to help them get free of bad gurus and recover their own power, and worked with gurus on their ego and power imbalances.

The Initiate

Chavah defines herself as an initiate, having surrendered her being through many years of practice to serve as a conduit for the energies of various streams of consciousness from both Eastern and Western mystical traditions. She explains how she uses these powers to help others bring about positive transformation in their lives.

2012 Prophecies

Chavah has received prophecies into and beyond 2012 that she wishes to share. She discusses the changes she sees coming for humanity and consciousness.

Healing from Trauma

Chavah discusses her work with victims of trauma and how the practices of Alchemical Yoga® can promote healing.


The 2009 Arizona sweat lodge deaths and injuries at a spiritual retreat raised new questions about trust in spiritual leaders. Chavah's forthcoming book In the Shadow of the Guru: Spiritual Empowerment and the Dark Side is based on her years in India studying and getting to know many gurus. The book reveals techniques used by western "gurus" to recruit and keep followers. She discusses how to discern authentic teachers from false ones and warning signs related to ego and control.

Spiritual Alchemy

Through her years of study of Eastern and Western esoteric systems, Chavah has revived the lost art of spiritual alchemy. Although the word alchemy is frequently used, few people have studied the true traditions, which require a long term commitment to a new way of life. Chavah explains how she uses spiritual alchemy to aid individuals in spiritual, mental and physical transformation.

Mystery Schools

Chavah studied for 14 years with Builders of the Adytum, a modern mystery school. She discusses the history of mystery schools, what they teach, their role in preserving ancient knowledge through the ages and how her training enables her to initiate others and reveal secret teachings.

Wisdom of the Yogini

Chavah lived and studied in India to become a yogini. She discusses how this differs from the physical yoga familiar to most and how she has integrated the whole of yogic tradition into her own Alchemical Yoga®.

Raw Foods for Health

Chavah's new book, Living Light: The 21-Day Alchemical Regeneration Plan, combines the high-intensity nutrition and healing powers of a raw vegan diet with the ancient wisdom of spiritual alchemy. The 2010 release of her e-book, The Green Dragon – a Guide to Juicing, further establishes her as an expert in the fast-growing raw food movement. She discusses how anyone can improve health and wellbeing through this program.

Changing Lives

Chavah works with people to help them overcome unhappiness, lack of fulfillment, ill health, overweight, depression and uncertainty to find more love, success and happiness in life. She discusses how she helps people attain mastery over mystery for better health, weight loss and detoxification, as well as insight into their true nature and purpose in life.

Soul Analysis

Chavah's upcoming book Portraits of the Soul: The Spiritual Psychology of Kabalah and Tarot, is on the Soul Analysis method she resurrected from old occult manuscripts. She has used this method for 14 years to help people see who they really are. She discusses and can demonstrate the process.

Soul Destiny Forecasting

Chavah helps people determine their energies, potentials and challenges and how that will affect business and personal relationships and plans. These forecasts are useful for business people planning meetings and others. She explains the process.

Remote Healing

Chavah discusses how she focuses healing energy on people at pre-arranged times through meditation and shamanic journeying, and how they benefit from the experience.

Sacred Journeys

Chavah leads travelers, sometimes on horseback, to sacred sites such as canyons of the Southwestern U.S. They explore the mysteries and energies of these beautiful and powerful spots. She discusses the transformational power of these sacred journeys.

Weddings and Spiritual Counseling

An ordained minister, Chavah is frequently called upon to marry couples. She discusses how she uses soul analysis and spiritual counseling to assist couples of all kinds to create powerful and meaningful ceremonies and bonds.

Divine Consciousness

Chavah says her purpose is to "empower and awaken the divine being that lies within the human form." She discusses Enlightened Life Sanctuary, which she founded in Austin, Texas, ( She discusses how Enlightened Life works to create sustainable and enlightened life on earth and transform the human heart and mind from dualistic thinking into unified consciousness.

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